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Hi, I'm a singer and a host for "Kids Can!" a TV Show and "Ricky Andrew High Radio Show". You can call me Ricky. I love what I do! I am now 11 years old  (2005), and l'm a student as well. I like NASCAR and playing on the computer, and want to someday fly a plane. Swinging on the swing set is great for clearing my mind; during summer I like to swim, ride my bike,  in between reading good books and watching cartoons. I am always looking for new ideas for songs to sing for my TV or radio show, so if you'd like to offer any suggestions, or just drop a line and say "Hi!", contact me at sunris@aol.com.

 TV show: 'kids can' * Ricky High, 1st Sat/month/kailtv

Ricky Andrew High radio show: Sundays/kbif900AM

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video: youtube/Ricky High star Les Miserables

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 Ricky Andrew High Christmas Concert 2012

& Nutrition Symposium with Dr. Dave High

December 9, 2012, Sunday at 3:00pm

Location: Hope Lutheran Church at 364 E. Barstow/Fresno, Fresno, Ca

Holiday Concert with Christmas music, great food tasting,

goodwill, customer appreciation with a touch of great time.

Sponsors: Sunrise Health Foods, RAH Media/radio, radio KIRV1510AM

Ticket: free, but accept donation at the door for local charities.



    Ricky Andrew High Holiday Concert & Nutrition forum with Friends 2011

         November 20, 2011 at 2pm

Location: theater at Fresno's Veteran Auditorium

ticket at $10/donations to charities organization at the event.

'Joyous, vigorous, energetic and healthy Christmas'

event sponsored by Sunrise Health Foods & High Enterprises(T-559-225-0335)

click Current Events for more detail^  Love to see you at the concert!


Talent Audition and Competition for '2010 Christmas Concert with Ricky High' now in progress

age group: 5 to 17; Christmas theme; singing, dancing, poetry, instrumentals, etc.

 Audition: General public: 12-20-2010 6pm to 8pm

Theater at Fresno Vet/Memorial Auditorium, Fresno, Ca  93721

email inquiries: RAHmedia@aol.com

Competition and Christmas concert date: December 21, 2010 from 6pm to 8pm

Theater at Fresno Vet/Memorial Auditorium, Fresno, Ca 93721

'Ricky High and Friends Christmas Concert 2010' and competition will be aired on TV on Christmas Day

Ticket for Christmas Concert with Ricky High and Friends 2010: $5. $10, $15

Portion of ticket sale benefits local charities of Central California and beyond

Event sponsored by Sunrise Health Foods of Central California,

TV stations: Kail digital 7.1 and Cable 13

Radio stations: KBIF900AM and KIRV1510AM

RAH Media Inc.




[ First CD Cover ]

My First CD


This is my first CD; it came out on March 4th, 2002. It has 12 tracks on it; some are from my past

performances and some are my own personal selections, songs that I thought sounded neat and wanted

to sing. They were re-recorded and mastered in a professional studio using a really cool sound system;

it's pretty amazing! It runs for a little over half an hour. That's the art on the CD to the left!




The Songs [ Ricky with Flag ][ Ricky at Christmas ]

These are the songs on my first CD; click on a title to hear a 30 second sample!

Track 01: New York, New York (3:11)

Track 02: My Favourite Things (2:53)

Track 03: Over the Rainbow (3:02)

Track 04: Feed the Birds (3:31)

Track 05: My Country 'Tis of Thee (1:53)

Track 06: When You Wish Upon A Star (1:52)

Track 07: God Bless America (1:56)

Track 08: You Are a Grand Old Flag (2:32)

Track 09: The Star-Spangled Banner (1:24)

Track 10: Meet Me In St. Louis (2:19)

Track 11: Home For The Holidays (3:38)

Track 12: White Christmas (3:10)

[ Second CD Cover ]

My Second CD

The Voice of Christmas and Joy

This is my second CD; it came out in the summer of 2002. It has 11 tracks on it, with songs like

"Ave Maria" and "O Holy Night". It's a wonderful collection of Christmas favorites that families and

children alike have enjoyed throughout the years.

I tried my best to sing "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" in the spirit of "Uncle Frank" (Mr. Sinatra)

and from local reaction, I think I got pretty close to the mark!

My heart and soul went into "Ave Maria"; in Italian (ok, some English!) no less! Which is pretty

much the most melodic hymnal to the Mother of God ever written, and I'm still waiting for an

invitation for a duet with Luciano Pavarotti and friends!




Track 01: White Christmas (3:12)

Track 02: O Holy Night (5:15)

Track 03: Jingle Bells (1:52)

Track 04: Santa Claus is Comin' To Town (2:46)

Track 05: Deck the Halls (1:40)

Track 06: Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer (3:16)

Track 07: My Favorite Things (2:55)

Track 08: Ave Maria (2:59)

Track 09: Silver Bells (2:38)

Track 10: Home For The Holidays (3:40)

Track 11: Joy To The World (1:36)


My Third CD

Why Complain


My third CD was released this Spring, 2003. It contains nine original songs and one new music arrangement:


1. I Thank God

2. Over the Rainbow

3. Why Complain

4. Silly But It's True

5. Your Love

6. Does This Train

7. Carousel

8. Can't Hide My Love

9. Shine On Me

10. My Love



About Me

[ Ricky03 ]

Preface for Ricky's Top-of-Heap Favorites

I like to thank God for giving me this gift of music at the young age of 7.

I love singing. Singing is my culture and my life. I debuted with the Star Spangled Banner at the Fresno Fair in 2001, and later in a stage production of Peter Pan with a local theatre group in Fresno, California. Throughout the holiday season, I sang with a great voice, with great praise from the audience. It was an enlightening time of self discovery, with the encouragement and support from my parents and fans. It is a great honor and opportunity to be able to fulfill my dream as a singing and recording artist.

I want to thank my parents for supporting my interest. They are very loving and wonderful parents. They want me to be the best that I can be and to follow God's intent for me. I love you Mom and Dad! My brother and sisters are my inspirations in my endeavor, and I thank them and love them. I love my family very much for allowing me to do what I love.

It is also my sincere thanks to all my relatives, teachers, friends and, most of all, to YOU, for allowing me to be part of your life, in your music world.
God Bless! Enjoy!


Ricky Andrew High

In the Future...

[ Ricky04 ]

What do I intend to do with my life? Well, right now, I'm looking forward to the Fourth Grade. Because of my exposure to the music industry, I think I'd like to be a studio recording artist and concert performer; I'd certainly like to expand my abilities in the singing field. I like all types of music, as the selection on my album probably indicates; I guess it all depends on my emotions and feelings at the time, as well as whether or not my fans have any personal requests!

Of course, I've also been involved in plays and acting, so I might be an actor or a playwright, too. It all depends! In between, thanks to the support of my friends and especially my family, I'll keep doing the things I like to do: singing, acting, giving concerts, reading, and swimming. In fact, I have released another CD, with some of my fans' recommendations, which is a Christmas Music CD and DVD from my 2002 christmas concert. Oh, by the way I just finished my third album called "Why Complain" being released in the Spring 2003. So tune in to your radio station and listen to my new songs.

Thanks for visiting my website; if you'd like to contact me about my music (especially if you're a producer or recording studio executive; fans are also ALWAYS welcome!), just email me at: sunris@aol.com

I hope you'll come back often!

Until then, may all your wishes come true!


With Love,

Ricky Andrew High


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